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News Years Resolution: Working out INJURY-FREE

A workout injury can happen to anyone, no matter your experience or fitness level. Even walking can cause an injury. Here at Vidan Family Chiropractic, we encourage you to workout with a few tips to keep you injury-free. Dr. Alex Vidan recommends following certain workout precautions to significantly cut your risk of getting hurt.

Common Workout Injuries

People hurt themselves in all kinds of ways when they work out. Common workout injuries include:

•             Muscle pull and strain

•             Sprained ankles & wrists

•             Shoulder & knee injury

•             Knee injuries

•             Shin splint

•             Tendinitis

Preventing Workout Injuries

There are simple steps that can help keep you injury-free during your workout.

But first, pay attention to this general rule. If you're a woman over age 55, check with your health care professional before you start an exercise program. Then you'll be sure you're healthy enough for working out. The same applies to a man over age 45 or a person with any medical condition.

Here are guidelines for avoiding injuries during your workout:

Warm-up and cool-down. Every workout should begin with a warm-up and end with a cool-down period. A warm-up helps your body get ready for exercise. It gradually increases your heart rate and loosens your muscles and joints. Some ways to warm up:

•             Ride an exercise bike

•             Jump rope

•             Jog in place for 5 to 10 minutes

A cool-down after you work out is important to slowly bring your heart rate back to normal. Walking for 5 to 10 minutes after you work out is one way to cool down.

Stretch. Do dynamic stretching before and after you work out. This will help increase flexibility. Research is conflicting as to whether it can also help prevent injury, It's best to stretch after you warm up and cool down.

Ease into it. When you begin an exercise routine or start a new workout program, start slowly. Then gradually build up the intensity, duration, and frequency.

Don't push yourself too hard. As your fitness abilities increase, you will be able to challenge yourself more.

Cross-train. Vary your workout. Don't overuse one set of muscles. Repeating the same muscle movements frequently can lead to overuse and repetitive-use injuries such as shin splints and tendinitis. Some ways to vary your workout:

•             Run on Day One.

•             Lift weights on Day Two.

•             Swim or cycle on Day Three.

If you work out, injury is inevitable at some point in your life. When that happens give our Clayton office a visit. Or you can start up your preventative care today by calling us at 314-678-9355.


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