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Travel Pain Free this Memorial Day Weekend

Travel Pain Free this Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is here and it's expected to be one of the busiest for travel in over a decade! Don't let your summer vacation travels be a pain in your back, neck and shoulders. 

Fox 2's John Pertzborn said he found out the hard way that sitting for long periods of time can leave you in a whole lot of pain. Here's your St Louis Chiropractor Dr. Alex Vidan on Fox2 with some tips, including why you might want to think about bringing a towel, a rubber band & a Ziploc bag along with you on your travels.

Top 5 Memorial Day Back Pain Sufferers Travel Tips:

 1. Provide support to your back during your travel.

For lower back pain, providing support behind your lower back, often with a back roll, a small pillow, or a rolled up small hand towel is a good way to prevent slouching that may lead to back pain and to keep your spine straight.

• Neck pillows can help with neck pain and provide support

• Tube-shaped pillows with microfibers inside and other materials providing support are common companions of travelers with back pain and can be purchased inexpensively at many stores.

 2. Watch your posture

Airplane rides and car trips can be a bit tight and uncomfortable at times.

• If your legs are not positioned at a right angle when you sit in an airplane seat, ask for something (pillows, blankets) to prop up your feet and keep your knees at a right angle. Doing so keeps stress off the lower back.

• If you have long legs, request an exit row or bulkhead seat, which generally has more leg room.

 3. Move around during the flight and make frequent stops in the car.

• Staying stationary for prolonged periods of time stresses the spine and can make back pain much worse.

• See if there is room at the back of plane to do some quick stretching, which can provide more flexibility to the back and ease stiffness. When driving, allow for time to make frequent stops and take a moment to stretch.

 4. Use ice.

Typically, we recommend icing the area of discomfort for 20min one time per hour with a towel between the skin and ice for patients in our office. Doing this can decrease swelling and complaints of pain. Here’s what we recommend for patients while traveling:

In the car - Bring small gel packs with you and store them in a small cooler when you are not using them.

• On the plane - Have a Ziploc bag on hand and ask the attendant to fill it up with ice that you can apply to your back.

Do not apply ice directly to the skin and be sure to check in with the airline to see what items are acceptable to carry on.

 5. Lift with your legs

• Traveling with suitcases, kids’ stuff, and coolers can get heavy. Be sure to lift correctly with your legs and don’t put the strain on your back. Use the large muscles in your legs as opposed to the smaller ones in your back to decrease the chances of injuring yourself this holiday weekend.

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Want to know more details about traveling pain free this Memorial Day weekend? Go to http://drvidan.com/blog/b_90773_travel_pain_free_this_memorial_day_weekend.html


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