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Shelly_1.JPG"Chiropractic care has changed my outlook on life. I used to have severe back pain and moderate headaches while in high school. Though I was an active athlete, I couldn't get rid of the back pain. I visited former chiropractors with the see me when it hurts mentality which simply addressed the symptoms temporarily.  The methods Drs. Alex and Sara employ takes care of the whole person using the spine as the channel for change. If the spine is in position to allow the nervous system to communicate with the parts of the body, then the body can perform at its best--healing naturally in ways medical doctors cannot explain. I now have a new perspective on what goes into my body. I avoid overly processed foods, medications, and other unnatural ingestibles. It is the whole person (mind, body, and spirit) that affect how we live our lives. -Shelly


"It's amazing to not suffer from Migraines like I used to."  "I got through the entire winter with one little cold....and no medicine!!!!!!!! -Christina 


I love "knowing that my grandmother's problems won't be mine as I get older and the joy of having more flexibility and health & wellness. Dr. Alex and Dr. Sara are great! Jill is the best too!"  -Jill


"I came in for the first time for neck pain and had no idea that other problems would be improved by chiropractic care. Not only did the neck pain vanish, but my sinus and digestive symptoms have greatly improved." -Traci 

"Prior to coming to Vidan Family Chiropractic, I suffered greatly from back and neck pain. The pain was intolerable and quite chronic. After receiving adjustments and being taught a proper diet, vitamins and stretching techniques, I am glad to say I have never felt better. My back and neck pain are at a bare minimum and with ongoing care from the Vidan's I am sure I will lead a pain free lifestyle. My many thanks to Dr. Alex, Dr. Sara, and Jill for their warmth and caring. -John

"I want to let you know exactly how much I appreciate what you do and have done for me. When I came into your practice I could not move my head from one side to the other without pain. Nor could I sleep all night without some sort of sleep aids. After only my first visit I slept all night and have no pain when I turn my head. I have not had any headaches and my disposition has improved dramatically."   -Misty

"When I first started visiting Dr. Alex and Dr. Sara, I had headaches that I just couldn't get rid of. I had it for almost a  year. Dr. Alex aligned my spine and the headache was instantly gone. It was a great relief. I was on oxygen at the time and waiting on a double lung transplant. My visits eased my breathing as well as helped with the irritable bowel I suffered from. Thank you Dr. Alex and Dr. Sara."   -Donna


"They have helped me feel so much better. Their care was excellent and I would recommend anyone to go to them. Thank you Dr. Alex and Dr. Sara."   -Pattie  





"I'd like to express my gratitude for the work that Dr. Vidan has done for me. As the story goes I was suffering from a nagging and persistent set of symptoms which were really getting me down. The problems included chronic fatigue sydrome (I was tired all the time), sore and stiff neck, and a tight pain in my chest. My regular doctors told me to exercise more. Of couse the problem did not go away. I was then contacted by Vidan Family Chiropractic about doing an assessment. I took the opportunity and had the x-rays and workup which revealed some serious back disorders. I was impressed and committed to a period of adjustments and care. The extraordinary effect was that my symptoms all went away after just two visits. This was a very big deal for me! Thanks Dr. Vidan-you are an extraordinary guy.  -Chris


"In 2007, I was preparing to sky dive to celebrate my 48th birthday. As fate would have it, I met a lovely young woman at my local health club who was conducting a health screening. I submitted to one of these scans and discovered that the reason that my lower back pain persisted was because my spinal nerves were compromised by the misalignment of my spinal vertebrae. The cervical bones that protect the nerves in that area were extremely subluxated; a jump from an air plane at this point could be proved disastrous. The young woman at my health club was Dr. Sara Vidan. Together with her husband and partner, Dr. Alex Vidan, I was provided the best chiropractic care available in the state of Missouri. I credit this outstanding care for the pain-free life that I live today! I do not require medication of any kind. This non-invasive approach to spinal cord and nervous system health is very effective and should be more readily available to all citizens. The Drs. Vidan are two of the finest doctors and people I know; young enough to be cutting edge and mature enough to care for a diverse patient population. My life is better because of the quality of care I received from them and the passion with which that care was delivered. They truly treat practice members like family. Thank you!"  -Hattie


"Dr. Alex Vidan has significantly improved my quality of life in recent years by skillfully adjusting my skeleton as needed to relieve pain, correct pinched nerves, and restore my body to its original, health state. He knows what he's doing! And his concern for his patients' health and welfare is very apparent--and much appreciated. His office has a welcoming, comforing atmosphere. I look forward to my visits there and feel very grateful to have discovered Alex and the Vidan Family Chiropractic Clinic."  -Barry


"Dr. Alex and Vidan Family Chiropractic have truly changed my life. I have not felt this good in years. Dr. Alex and his staff are simply amazing. They are flexible and understanding of your needs. I have always been a little skeptical about chiropractors but after going to Vidan Family Chiropractic and living through the changes they have done for me, now I 100% believe in the practice. It was an eye opening experience how much my spine is out of line and how much that affects everything I do. Dr. Alex has helped me so much and I would highly and do recommend him to everyone!"  -Sarah


"Vidan Family Chiropractic is one of the most professional and caring chiropractic offices I have been introduced to. I have found Dr. Alex Vidan to be very loyal to his practices members, his family, his faith and he carries himself with the upmost integrity. These character traits are also represented by the staff at Vidan Family Chiropractic. The office is very welcoming and extremely clean. The level of care that is provided by Vidan Family Chiropractic is top notch. You will feel and be treated like family. Being a business owner myself, I respect those that run a successful business wherein the intentions behind that business are truly in the right place.  -Amy








We value our practice members experience at Vidan Family Chiropractic. If you are currently a practice member, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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